Powder Coating

Our Powder Coating Services

Campbellfield Powder Coating and Sandblasting Services has 25 years experience in the powder coating industry, assisting clients with a range of projects in the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. Our premises at Campbellfield is well equipped to cater to objects large and small, depending on the individual requirements of our clients.

Why Powder Coat?

The performance characteristics of powder coating exceed the characteristics achieved from conventional solvent based coatings. A powder coated surface is a long lasting, high-quality finish resistant to cracking, peeling, fading and scratching, leaving the surface abrasion, corrosion and chemically resistant. Powder coating is available in a wide range of finishes, colours and effects, such as ripple, hammerstone, texture, leather, pearl and much more.

  • Industrial fabrications
  • Architectural signage
  • Cast iron furniture and verandah lacework
  • Metal fencing and railings
  • Retail displays and fixtures
  • Indoor, outdoor and office furniture
  • Motorcycle frames, wheels and parts


What can be Powder Coated?

Powder coating is a process where a dry powder consisting of a solvent free dry mixture of plastic resins, pigment, and fillers are sprayed onto the surface o an item. The powder is electrostatically charged so that it holds to the object. The item is then placed in an oven and heated, causing a chemical reaction that melts the powder and fuses it onto the item, creating a smooth and highly durable finish. Powder coating can be applied to any object that holds an electrostatic charge and can withstand high temperatures.

  • Automotive frames, wheels and parts
  • Signs and lighting
  • Bicycle frames and forks
  • Shelving, racks and fixtures
  • Wrought iron fencing and gates
  • Railings and balustrades
  • Any metal that can withstand heat

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