Caring for powdercoated items

Your powder coated items require routine cleaning to remove surface dirt and grime and to retain the decorative and protective qualities of the finish into the future. The frequency of cleaning will depend on many factors:

  • What the item is - A bike frame will require more frequent cleaning than a seat.
  • How often the item is used - An item used every day will require more frequent cleaning than one stored in the garage.
  • Environmental factors - An item in an industrial or coastal environment or out in the weather will require more frequent cleaning to protect the surface from chemicals, salt and the elements.

Clean at least every 6 months - more often if any of the above apply, using warm water and mild detergent. Clean thoroughly using a soft sponge or soft bristled brush, paying particular attention to hard to reach areas.

The surface should be rinsed with fresh water after cleaning to remove all dirt and residue. Do not use strong solvents such as lacquer as they will damage the coating.

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